Why We Do It

March 1, 2017

If you know me, you know the story that gets told about how I started Better Walk. I broke my ankle playing basketball (no I didn't get crossed over), and I ended up on crutches for 6 weeks. After hating the experience I decided to create a crutch that didn't hurt, and, in the process I built an entire company.

So there's one thing missing here, and I've never said it before.

"I don't really care about crutches."

I don't really care about crutches. What I do care about is our mission, because our mission has nothing to do with crutches. I started Better Walk to solve overlooked problems in healthcare. This is what our crutch does, it solves an overlooked problem, and that's why I love it. We could be making anything, but as long as it solves an overlooked problem, and it helps people without being too expensive for the patients who need it, it fits into what we care about at Better Walk.

"I started Better Walk to solve overlooked problems in healthcare."

I hate it when products with problems don't get fixed. And in the durable medical equipment space, it's very difficult to innovate, because of how heavily commoditized the products are. It's so tough to solve problems while keeping things as inexpensive as they need to be to allow all patients to use them, especially with continuously declining insurance reimbursements, and the difficulty of getting new insurance codes for new products.

I started Better Walk to make this impact in healthcare. We solve overlooked problems in the durable medical equipment space, and we do it in unique ways that keep products affordable without sacrificing any quality. It's one of the most difficult things to do in the medical device space, but my team pulls it off every day.

I'm proud of the people that are a part of our team. Our sales, engineering, marketing, and operations team members are all top notch.

I'm proud of the way we approach problems and our solutions to those problems, and I'm proud as hell of our products (the one you can buy now, and the ones we haven't released yet).

However, I'm most proud of our values as a company. I'm proud that every single person who works at Better Walk legitimately cares about the patient who ends up using our product, as well as the physicians and nurses who treat the patients and educate them on how to use our products.

We spend every day trying to make healthcare better. If you have a bad experience with any of our products, call us and tell us, and we'll make it better. That's a promise. That's what we care about.

To you, the reader, as well as to every patient, physician, investor, friend who has been involved in our journey to market, and will be involved moving forward, thank you for being a part of this. You are a part of the Better Walk family, and our doors are always open to you.

To you, the patient, you are why we do this.