Better Walk Secures Another Agreement, This Time With Partners Cooperative

January 10, 2017
Press Release

Better Walk and Partners Cooperative have signed an agreement to include Better Walk as a vendor to the entire Partners Cooperative network. Partners Cooperative is a hospital shared services cooperative (not for profit) providing contracting and purchasing services to its membership, which includes 66 hospitals throughout the southeast United States.

"We are humbled by the amount of traction and buy-in we have been receiving from hospitals as we've launched the Better Walk crutch and put it into the hands of patients throughout the southeast United States," said Partha Unnava, CEO of Better Walk. "Our goal has always been to improve patient care, and to do it in a financially efficient way for hospitals. This agreement with Partners Cooperative is proof that we're well on the way to that goal."


About Better Walk

Founded in 2013, Better Walk is a high-paced, fast-growing, medical device company. We believe in innovating quickly and creating products that help patients.

We are the creators of the Better Walk crutch, a crutch that doesn't hurt a user's underarms. We've been featured in CNN, Forbes, at the White House, and other press outlets. Our goal is to make a significant impact the medical device industry by fixing obvious, yet overlooked problems.

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