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"These crutches are a lifesaver."

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"I'm very pleased with this product and can't ever see myself going back
to regular crutches for anything."

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"The Better Walk Crutch is a vast improvement over the traditional wooden
or aluminum crutches..."

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"Thanks for these wonderful crutches."

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Better Walk Crutches

As Seen on Forbes, Inc, & CNN – Adjustable, Ergonomic Handles, Comfortable & Easy to Use

The Better Walk Crutch is the answer to the underarm pain you experience on regular crutches. With a forearm support to take pressure off of your wrist, and the patented Better Walk support system to cradle your sides instead of jabbing into your underarms, this will be the first crutch you actually like! The Better Walk Crutch is trusted and loved by professional athletes and top Physical Therapists, and has been featured on CNN and even at the White House.


• Fits users from 5'4" to 6'4"

• Total weight 5 lbs

• Comes as a pair

• Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

• Reduced noise while moving

• Dual adjustment mechanisms for arm length and overall height

• Improved crutch tip to reduce wear and tear issues


$10.00 Flat delivery to anywhere in the US.


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Why Is It Better?

Expertly Engineered

With typical crutches, users can experience severe underarm pain and strain on the wrists. Better Walk crutches shift the user's weight to the forearms, providing improved support and weight distribution.

Strategically Stabilized

With your weight spread along your forearms, you'll experience a much more stable way to move around.

Amazingly Adaptable

The Better Walk Crutches are easily adjustable and noise-free! They can fit any adult from 5'4" to 6'4".

"Better Walk crutches are being used in our physician practice and rehabilitation department here at at SpineCenterAtlanta. The product is certain to revolutionize crutch training and gait re-education. Its anatomical design, forearm support to reduce stress to the wrists and elbows and quick adjustment mechanism makes this product both patient focused and clinician-friendly. Who knew a new crutch design could be so forward thinking?"

William T. Marlow

30 year Physical Therapist

"After my recent ankle surgery I turned to Better Walk Crutches and was immediately able to navigate more so than I had expected. Whether you are a first time or existing patient, this high-quality engineered product will exceed all of your mobility requirements."

Dr. John Reid

How To Use The Better Walk Crutch

Orientation and Fitting

Better Walk Crutches come as a left and right pair. The side piece lays against the user’s body underneath the arm. The forearm support and handle should be on the outside of the side piece. Rest your arm on the forearm support and grasp the handle.

Resting Position

Place the crutch tips in front of your front feet, about 8-15” outside of your feet. The forearm support should not be directly over the tip of the crutch.

Moving with Better Walk Crutches

Non Weight Bearing Injury: To take a step with your crutches, make sure you are balanced in the resting position. Lean forward and extend the crutch tips forward, but make sure they are still 8-15” outside of your feet. Swing your body past the crutch tips and balance on your healthy leg. Repeat this process.

Weight Bearing Injury: Extend the Better Walk Crutch forward, but make sure they are still 8-15” outside of your feet. Place your injured leg forward between the crutches while maintaining your weight on your healthy leg. Take a step to bring the healthy leg even with the injured leg. Repeat this process.

Important Rules for Proper Use and Comfort

• Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding crutch use and weight bearing on your affected limb. Call your doctor if you have any questions or difficulties.

Don’t look down. Look straight ahead as you normally do when you walk.
Don’t use Better Walk Crutches if you feel dizzy or drowsy.
Don’t walk on slippery surfaces. Avoid snowy, icy, or rainy conditions.

Do make sure your Better Walk Crutches have their treaded feet attached.
Do wear well-fitting, low-heel shoes (or shoe).
Do position handgrips correctly & take breaks to release pressure intermittently.
Do get properly fitted to your Better Walk Crutches.

CAUTION: Do not bear weight on the saddle through your armpit(s).
CAUTION: Patients with heart disease should only use Better Walk crutches under the supervision of a physician, and with Weight Beating Gait only for short distances and frequent rests.


↧ Can my crutches be reimbursed via my insurance?

Yes, they can. They are reimbursed under code E0110. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask us.

↧ What is the maximum weight capacity?

A pair of Better Walk Crutches can carry up to 300lbs.

↧ What makes these crutches different from others out on the market?

Better Walk crutches re-direct force away from the underarm area and utilize the forearm to carry your weight. This results in a more ergonomic weight distribution and more comfortable experience.

↧ What is the height range for these crutches?

Better Walk crutches can fit users from 5'4" to 6'4".

↧ Does the forearm structure of the crutches adjust?

The forearm structure is sized to fit most individuals from 5'2" to 6'4".

↧ How many pairs of crutches can I purchase at one time?

You may purchase as many units as you would like. If you're interested in ordering in volume, please contact us using the "Wholesalers" link below.

↧ How durable are these crutches?

The crutches are made from aluminum and a high-strength plastic.

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